What you don’t know is…

It’s probably true that in every work or ministry setting, there is a bit of a gap between what people think happens….and what really happens.  Misconceptions are born in the vacuum of information, so I thought it would be fun to expose the truth behind Zoe’s House Adoptions.

Here’s what you probably don’t know.

Slack is the word.

Our team enjoys working together, but when we can’t all be in the same spot, we congregate on Slack.  Slack is a project communication tool that looks suspiciously like the old AOL chat rooms, and Slack pings our phones with a steady rhythm.

A 2 or 3am slack message thread is not unusual, because that’s when babies might be born.  Also, we’re probably up anyway.

Expectant moms take varied paths to find us.

We have friendships with people who interact with expectant moms on a regular basis – clinics, crisis pregnancy centers, ministries, doctor’s offices, etc.  Sometimes, if a woman asks about adoption, they will send them our way.

Others literally walk in because they saw our sign.  To be honest, that one surprises me.  Our office is across the street from a busy post office and more than once, we’ve heard “I was at the post office, and I saw your sign…”.

We fight for the right answer, whatever it is.

Not every young woman who comes to us ends up making an adoption plan – and that’s ok.  Some of them are perfectly able to parent and simply need some encouragement and advice.  We do that too, because one size does not fit all.

Our mission statement is “Guideance for Life” – and we live it.

Our staff fields calls and texts from clients whose adoption are long completed because we know that sometimes questions don’t come until later.  Often, our clients call to encourage us as well.  The relationship is ongoing and we love that.

We love making The Phone Call.

Once an expectant mother settles on a family, one of our staff gets to make The Phone Call.  It usually starts with “Hey, this is _______ from Zoe’s House, and we have good news for you.”    What follows that can vary.  Sometimes there are shouts, gasps, or even tears.  Whatever the case, what the family probably doesn’t know is that the celebration is going on at our office too.

In 27 years of ministry, some of the most satisfying days I’ve had have been in the adoption world.  To be a part of setting the lonely in families and seeing those families years down the road is remarkably rewarding.